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Altus Foundation Gifts $100,000 To Healthcare For Homeless


Houston – Oct. 25, 2019 – The Altus Foundation, a Houston-based non-profit organization that provides diversified assistance to individuals and families in need, recently granted $100,000 to Healthcare for the Homeless – Houston (HHH). HHH is a non-profit organization and Houston's only Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that exclusively serves those who are affected by homelessness. They provide highly integrated medical, mental health, dental and support service that help bridge the gap between health and housing. The Altus Foundation's donation will further HHH's mission and will positively impact Houston's homeless population.

"Having no home is one of the hardest situations anyone can face. The homeless population is exposed to extreme health risks such as vulnerability to infectious diseases, lack of access to basic nutrients and higher chances of developing physical and cognitive impairments," said Anil Motwani, President of the Altus Foundation. "We are proud to do our part in providing direct patient care for those who otherwise could not afford it. Our donation is bound by the shared belief that every human deserves access to resources needed to live a healthy life."

In 2018, HHH served 8,262 individuals through 38,120 patient visits via their three integrated care clinics, on-site care within seven supportive housing sites and multi-faceted community outreach programming. Their on-site care teams within supportive housing have decreased hospital emergency room utilization by 71% for patients who have been chronically homeless. More, 84 cents of every dollar raised goes to providing direct care, placing HHH above its peers in using donations effectively.

"Those served by HHH live in extreme poverty and have disproportionately high need for mental health services, coupled with extensive physical health needs and complex social circumstances. The vast majority have no form of health insurance. Support from generous donors like the Altus Foundation is critical in providing care that improves lives and combats homelessness," said Frances Isbell, CEO, Healthcare for the Homeless - Houston. "This generous contribution will allow us to meet increasing demands and serve more people affected by homelessness."

"As our city continues to combat the issues surrounding the homeless population, partnerships between companies and non-profits that provide essential services to those in need are critical," said City of Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. "We applaud Altus Foundation and ZT Corporate for their support of the Houston community members."

The Altus Foundation, founded by Taseer Badar, Chairman and CEO of ZT Corporate, is the driving force behind the organization's charitable mission and approaches philanthropy with an integrative, solution-oriented mindset. The donation to HHH is part of its larger commitment to providing individuals and families with financial support and hope where none previously existed. In addition to delivering transformative healthcare services, the non-profit facilitates a number of charitable outreach initiatives such as internship programs, bike donation drives, science labs for schools, flood and natural disaster relief support, material donations, health seminars and holiday drives, as well as resources geared at developing entrepreneurial aspiration to the youth.

This year, The Altus Foundation will host their premier annual gala on December 7 at the Hilton Americas, located in downtown Houston with proceeds from the event going toward helping the Houston community. Tickets for the event can be purchased at To learn more about The Altus Foundation, visit their website.

About The Altus Foundation

The Altus Foundation provides diversified assistance to individuals and families, including but not limited to premium healthcare, financial, food, shelter and scholarship programs for young entrepreneurs. It is our vision to make a positive impact on the communities and families we serve, providing the essential support they need to thrive. Together, we can change lives.


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