We're so thankful!

Wendy Fernandez

The Altus Foundation delivered care coordination that not only provided Ms. Fernandez with a physician, but also enabled her to visit the facility in which the surgical removal of a malignant tumor was performed. Wendy is now free of the cost and pain that she was burdened with prior to connecting to the Altus Foundation and considers the Altus Foundation a blessing to her and her family.

Carmen Klein

Carmen Klein was diagnosed with a bi-malleolar ankle fracture and required surgery. She reached out to the Altus Foundation and she was assisted care coordination that connected her with a physician that facilitated the surgery. Carmen recently got her cast removed and is currently engaged in successful therapy that is enabling her to walk pain free.

Theresa Amadi-Obi

Theresa Amadi-Obi, a mother of three, returned to the Altus Foundation as she started complaining about sharp pains in her back. The Foundation helped facilitate a CT scan, which showed lytic lesions and her need for palliative radiation therapy. Theresa is currently receiving the radiation therapy treatment thanks to the assistance of the Altus Foundation. The intervention was considered "a life-saving move" by Obi's physician.

Wren Carter

Wren Carter had been going through consistent back pain and had limited resources to get an MRI. She was directed to the Altus Foundation for assistance and got an MRI for her cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral spine to assess her low back pain. With the MRI scan reports, she is now moving towards getting her treatment.

Prince Williams

Prince Williams, a blind man dealing with medical issues, was made homeless when his home was damaged in a fire. Prince had little resources to handle the catastrophe. The Altus Foundation paid for his lodging until he could be relocated to a safe place.